Below are some commonly asked questions. But if you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in contact with us here.

What makes Bath Theatre School different?

We think it’s very important that all prospective visitors understand what makes us different, so much so, we have set up a page to specifically cover this question. This can be found here.

Where does Bath Theatre School run its classes?

Bath Theatre School is run from Beechen Cliff School in Bath. Their brand new facilities, central Bath location and easy access with ample parking make this an ideal home for the school. More information can be found here.

How much does it cost to become a Bath Theatre School Student?

It costs £260 a term to become a student of Bath Theatre School. If you join part way through a term there will be a reduced fee. To find out more about membership fees, discounts and payments please visit our fees page.

When are classes held?

Bath Theatre School has 2 schools to choose from which both run on Saturdays during term time. The morning session runs from 9.30am-12.30pm and the afternoon school runs 1.30pm-4.30pm. More information about our terms can be found here.

Can I join Bath Theatre School when the term has already started?

Yes. Students may join Bath Theatre School at any point during the year. Starting part way through a term may mean that it won’t be possible for the student to partake in some activities. However, students can still participate in all classes and the creative team will do their very best to ensure all new students can take full advantage of the opportunities available.

Do you offer a taster session?

Yes. We offer 1 free no obligation taster session to see if your child enjoys Bath Theatre School. If they would like to continue, then the taster session and remaining lessons must be paid in full. To find out more about joining please visit our enrol page.

Why do you offer Trinity examinations?

We believe musical theatre offers a huge range of opportunities for personal development which can help prepare children for the inevitable challenges that life can present. Similarly, the skills learnt through musical theatre can also be recognised on CV’s and future applications if a child is looking to pursue a career in theatre. So whatever your reason for exploring Bath Theatre School, it is important that your hard earned money is adding as much value to your children’s future as possible. By offering nationally recognised Trinity exams it provides children with focussed goals that can be measured and rewarded, leaving them with lasting skills that they can take through life. To find out more about Trinity and how qualifications can be obtained through Bath Theatre School please visit our examinations page.

I have more than one child that would like to join Bath Theatre School, do you offer any discounts for siblings?

A 30% discount is offered for siblings. No other discounts are available. To find out more about membership fees, discounts and payments please visit our fees page.

How will I know how my child is getting on?

One of the most important things is knowing how your child is getting on and identifying areas for further development. This is why we provide annual progress reports via the Trinity exam exam board which will offer constructive feedback in the areas of acting, dancing and singing. Where appropriate we will also touch upon behaviour.

What is Bath Theatre School’s approach to discipline?

Bath Theatre School pride’s itself on providing high quality teaching, culminating in a nationally recognised qualification and an end of year production, all delivered in a fun and interesting environment. In order to achieve this, respect, discipline and good behaviour are incredibly important. Not only in helping students develop as individuals but also to ensure the learning experiences of other students is not detrimentally impacted by other students. We therefore work very hard to maintain a high level of respect and discipline.

Will my child be safe at Bath Theatre School?

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us and your child will always be overseen by someone who has been Criminal Records Bureau checked. To find out more about this area please visit our child protection page.

Should my child come along if they are unwell?

In the interests of the health and wellbeing of all students, no student should attend classes until at least 48 hours after experiencing the last symptoms.

Can parents or guardians sit and watch their children during lessons?

The presence of parents or guardians can be very distracting for children and therefore no parents or guardians are permitted in classes. However, parents and guardians will be able to watch productions.

What options do I have for cancellation?

The school works very hard to ensure all students receive a broad and diverse teaching and learning experience and we are keen to work with students in order to ensure they have a productive and enjoyable time. Prior to cancelling your membership we would be keen to receive any feedback which you feel would enhance the experience of our students. This can be done by emailing staff@baththeatreschool.com. We will then work closely with the student and their parents to resolve any issues that may be highlighted.

If after this you would like to cancel your membership, or if you simply cannot attend for practical reasons e.g. moving away then please let us know as soon as possible. Please note that we require 6 weeks notice of membership cancellation. If you choose to withdraw your child within this time you will still be liable to pay for 6 week’s classes from the point of cancellation.

What options do you have for making payments?

Our preferred payment method is via BACS using online internet banking. Instruction on how to pay using this method will be supplied after a student has enrolled. When making an online payment please enure that you use the student’s name as the payment reference. Please also confirm the transaction by emailing the following information to enrol@baththeatreschool.com •your name; •the student’s name; •date and time of the payment; and •the amount in £

We also accept cash or cheque payment (made payable to ‘Bath Theatre School’). Preferably these should be handed over in person. If you choose to send payment by post the school cannot accept liability for any losses or delays. Therefore if you are sending cash it should be sent using Special Delivery. All mail should be sent to Bath Theatre School, 6 Longfellow Avenue, Bath, BA2 4SJ. To find out more about membership fees, discounts and payments please visit our fees page.

When do I have to pay for membership?

Each term must be paid in full before each term commences. To find out more about membership fees, discounts and payments please visit our fees page.

What should I wear to classes?

At Bath Theatre School we want children to be able to move around in comfortable and practical clothing. Therefore children will need to wear comfortable trousers, tops and shoes when they first join the school. After this point children will be required to wear the Bath Theatre School uniform by the end of their first term, which can be purchased from the Bath Theatre School front desk. Children will also need jazz shoes/jazz trainers for their dance lessons, which can also be purchased through the school.